Welcome to The Recovery Center

By tackling the roots of struggles like addiction and mental health, recovery centers weave a healthier community fabric. They mend isolation with peer support, stitching up resilience with life skills and wellness practices. They break the cycle of addiction with education and advocacy, strengthening the whole community’s safety net. These centers empower individuals to thrive, dismantling stigma and creating a more inclusive tapestry of understanding. In short, recovery centers don’t just heal individuals, they stitch together a healthier, more supportive community, thread by thread.

Drop in when the open sign is on!
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What is a recovery drop in center?

A drop-in recovery center is a safe and supportive space for people in recovery from addiction and or mental health conditions, and just a place for anyone looking for community. It’s a place where individuals can come and go as they please, without any pressure to stay for a certain amount of time or participate in any specific activities.

    • We are open to everyone: our drop-in center is open to anyone who is in need of community, regardless of their age, income, or background.
    • We offer a variety of services and supports: The services offered by out drop-in center can vary from day to day, but they often include peer support groups, individual counseling, life skills workshops, educational resources, and recreational activities..

In the tapestry of a resilient community, recovery centers weave in threads of strength and support. They’re havens where individuals battling addiction and mental health find not just recovery tools, but a sense of belonging. Peer support groups mend the tattered fabric of isolation, weaving in connections that replace stigma with understanding. Through life skills workshops and wellness activities, residents stitch together resilience, learning to manage stress and navigate challenges with newfound confidence.